Andrew Duclos

Andrew Duclos has been drawing since childhood. When his family moved from Massachusetts to California in the mid 1960's, Andrew learned to love the quiet solitude of the western mountains and gravitated toward realistic wildlife art drawings. Over twenty years of pencil drawing experience proved to be a strong foundation when in 2009 while living in Oregon Andrew attended a plein-air painting workshop with Charles Waldman and began his journey into color and light and painting the changing seasons in oils. The challenge of painting larger studio paintings using a combination of plein-air field studies and reference photos has become Andrew's main focus.

Andrew has continued his education through further workshops with Marc Hanson, Charles Waldman and Mitch Baird. He also uses DVDs and books by contemporary masters including Richard Schmid, Kevin Macpherson, Edgar Paine and Mark Christopher Weber. Andrew spends hours both outdoors and in the studio putting miles on his brushes constantly working toward the pursuit of excellence.

Major influences include painters from the Hudson River School, 19th Century painters such as Thomas Moran, Thomas Hill and William Keith, and modern masters including Edgar Payne and Clyde Aspevig.