Dan Seffinger

Dan is a skilled glassmaker in many techniques of glass making . He has a special interest in the dynamics of movement in creating designs for his art pieces. He is also inspired by color combinations found in nature. He enjoys the challenge of learning about kiln formed glass techniques and processes.  Dan has been working with kiln formed glass for the past thirteen years. He has studied the art of kiln formed glass and continues to take workshops at Bullseye Glass Education Center in Portland, Oregon. Dan values the process of creating and experimentation predominantly making one of a kind art pieces.

Ashland Glass Act (Dan and wife, Stefani) specializes in a variety of glass techniques. Our products include wall art pieces, specialty items and items for home use including bowls, platters, coasters, and vases. We use Bullseye glass in all of our kiln formed products. Over the years we have added a variety of glass equipment to our shop including kilns, grinders, ring saws, torches, a sandblasting chamber and other specialized equipment to produce more sophisticated work.  All pieces are properly annealed to last and cold worked for a professional finish.