Joy Price

When I was young and foolish, and painfully shy, growing up in rural Oregon, all I wanted to do was draw or paint and maybe read science fiction. But then I got to high school, and found I was too busy doing what was necessary to get into college, and in college, what was necessary to get into medical school. When I was an intern and a resident I was just too busy, period. As a radiologist practicing in Berkeley I examined hundreds of images a day, but made very few, and those were on film.

Now that I am old and still foolish and painfully shy, having retired to Weed, all I want to do is paint or make etchings and maybe read mysteries, but with hiking and skiing and chasing the deer out of the garden I still find myself short of time. So I do what I can with the help of many teachers and friends, and get a great deal of pleasure out of it.