Ryan Schuppert

My name is Ryan Schuppert and I was born and raised in Redding California. I am a metal fabricator/artist. My pieces are typically made from steel being bent, shaped, welded and painted or clear coated in order to get the desired finished product that I am looking for.

I learned to weld as my senior project at Enterprise High School, from then I have been pretty much self-taught. I had a custom motorcycle shop for 7 years, this is where I honed most of my fabrication and welding skills. When the economy got bad, the motorcycle side of my business slowed down a lot, and I started doing a lot of general metal fabrication.  My art career also started around this time, somewhat by accident, I made my mom a heart piece for Christmas and I posted the photo on Facebook.  All of a sudden I had people asking me to build pieces for them. So I started making pieces ordered by customers and eventually started getting them in boutiques and art galleries.

Now I am making everything from wall art and sculptures to custom furniture to motorcycles and 4x4 stuff.