Susie Robison - Cheerio Textiles

Susie Robison lives and sews up a colorful storm in McCloud, California. She has created her line of Cheerio Textiles from the notion that functional and useful things should also be things of beauty. She hopes that her customers will delight in their pouches, purses and tote bags each and every time they use them!

Susie began sewing way back in 7th grade and learned the skills from her mother. She started her first business, GottaHavaHat, when she lived off the grid in Somes Bar on the Klamath River.

After moving to McCloud...(the big city compared to Somes Bar!), she began taking care of her mother and needed to let her hat business go. That’s when Cheerio Textiles was born...creating whatever came to mind and soul using high quality, amazing fabrics is what helped her through many days.

She simply loves to create and textiles are her medium.